Diseases of Pigeons – new official specialization for polish vets!

Polish veterinarians have the opportunity to obtain formal specialization in the field of pigeon pathology. The process of specialization of veterinarians in Poland began in 1994, when detailed rules for obtaining the title of specialist veterinarian were formulated. Despite the votes of specialists dealing with diseases of birds other than poultry, pursuant to the Regulation of the Minister of Agriculture of November 28, 1994, it was possible to obtain the title of specialist in diseases of poultry and ornamental birds. After many years of efforts by the ordinance of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development of September 25 2020, among nineteen Specializations of veterinarians in Poland, the Specialization of Disease of Ornamental Birds and Pigeons was introduced. At the meeting of the Committee on February 20, 2021, Prof. dr. hab. Piotr Szeleszczuk from WULS was elected the National Chairman of this specialization. Compulsory Specialization Training covers 232 hours carried out during fourth semesters of the Postgraduate Specialization Training. The first course is planned to start autumn of 2021. Granting the formal specialization of veterinarians to pigeon pathologists is a recognition of this group of specialists.