Racing pigeons flying in the EU during the current HPAI H5N8 epizootic

The current episode of highly pathogenic avian influenza in Europe disrupts the competitions of racing pigeons in Poland, the reason is a very large number of outbreaks in this country (321 in 2021 – data on 13 05 2021). According to the information provided by the famous columbopathologists from EU: Elisabeth Peus, Sara Dias, Jørn Boklund, Pascal Lanneau, Piotr Szeleszczuk, Henk De Weerd, we present the table below.

Date 12.05 2021

No. Country Races cancelled Races taking place with some restrictions Races taking place without any restrictions
1. Belgium No No Yes
2. Denmark No No Yes
3. France No No Yes
4. Netherlands No No Yes
5. Germany No No Yes
6. Poland YES No No
7. Portugal No No Yes